Wouldn’t we all love a job that pays us for being high? Well, some of us are about to have our puffy dreams come true.

If you’ve ever had the hopes of getting paid to smoke weed, here is your chance. Vaped.com is looking to hire a full-time remote vaporizer tester. The company is looking for someone who can “try all the vaporizers so our customers don’t have to.” The company says the expense account of $250 can be used on cannabis, but if you don’t smoke it…you can use it on something else.

The person they hire will receive their vaporizers 100% free and will test their limits and provide input on:

  • Analysis of the functionality of the vaporizer (ex. size, vapor production, temperatures, etc.)
  • Product testing (ex. how long does the battery last)
  • Instructions of use
  • How to clean and maintain the vaporizer
  • Comparisons to other similar units
  • Your personal feelings about the vaporizer
  • A video, write up and photography of each vaporizer

As for the salary? Well, you are looking at $42,000 per annum with three weeks vacation. Not too shabby. Now all my North Carolina weed fans, don’t get sad just yet. According to the application, if you don’t live in a state where it’s legal, you can still apply. (Yay team!) The company will provide an expense account for you to snag something else to put in the vaporizer.

You can read more on the story here. Ready to apply? Click here.

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