A cat and dog from Winston-Salem are the first pets to receive pacemakers in Charlotte. Dr. Camden Rouben a Veterinary Cardiologist at CARE Charlotte a specialty and emergency vet clinic performed the surgery last month. CARE is the only facility in the Charlotte area that has the equipment necessary to perform the surgery.

As anyone who has pets knows, we would do anything to give them a longer and better life even if it means traveling to get them the best care possible. It’s a blessing to know that this option is available in case our furry friends ever need it.

The 4-year old cat named Severus was the first animal to receive the procedure. His heart stopped after he fainted but now has more energy than ever.

10-year old Charlie received his procedure after several seizures and his owner noticed he wasn’t running and playing as he normally would. After the medicine initially given to Charlie made him even sicker his owner decided to move ahead with the surgery.

The procedure is non-invasive and animals typically recover quickly.

Both animals are doing well and have a wonderful prognosis.