After Mother’s Day brunch is done and gifts are opened, Mars Wrigley’s DOVE® Chocolate wants to celebrate Mom and give what some may consider one of the best gifts of all – designated time to reconnect with her closest friends. Research from an Oklahoma State University study indicates that critical factors that contribute to a Mom’s well-being include her satisfaction with friendships.

While the importance of quality friendships for Moms is evident, it’s no secret that maintaining these types of close connections has been especially hard to do this past year with social distancing rules and new challenges many parents have faced during the pandemic. With this in mind, DOVE® Chocolate is giving Mom a unique chance to “own the night” and connect with a few of her closest friends through private, social distancing-friendly movie theater rental experiences across the country – no mom-obligations required.

“Staying connected with friends is crucial to a mother’s well-being and sense of self,” said Leslie Philipsen, Brand Director, DOVE® Chocolate. “More than a year into the pandemic, Moms are craving connection, particularly with friends they haven’t seen in months. As part of a company that prides itself on creating better moments and more smiles, we wanted to find a way to safely offer Moms an opportunity to do just that. By taking care of all the small details on Mother’s Night, we hope Moms across the country are able to relax, connect and enjoy a special night out.”

To check participating theaters and showtimes for the private film screenings, visit this link. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning Tuesday, May 4 at 9 a.m. EST, giving Mom the time she needs to invite those nearest and dearest to her. Only one entrant per theater is eligible to register. Upon registration, the winner will receive ten pre-paid tickets to share with friends for the exclusive theater experience at the designated showtime on the evening of May 9.

To sweeten the experience, even more, Moms who register for the private film screening will be treated to an assortment of DOVE® Chocolate’s newest innovation: silky-smooth Deeper Dark Chocolate (70% Cacao) and Deepest Dark Chocolate (82% Cacao) PROMISES®. Each dark chocolate has a special message inside the wrapper and comes in a resealable bag for lasting freshness. The new Deeper Dark Chocolate and Deepest Dark Chocolate PROMISES® are now available nationwide.

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