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Every day Kaya Kristina puts out treats, water and sticks for neighborhood dogs to enjoy during their walks. She encourages the dogs to come visit her front yard in Toronto, Canada, and she’s created “StarPups Coffee” – a dog café – to welcome them.

Kaya says it all started six years ago when she noticed dogs coming home from the park looking thirsty and tired. So she put out some water and a sign reading “for thirsty dogs” and it was a hit. Over the last year, she says seeing the dogs stop at the house has become a highlight of her day and her dog, Molly Meatlog, loves it, too. So Kaya added more decorations and started putting out more treats for their canine neighbors.

Her community appreciates the love she shows the pups and many have returned the favor, Kaya says she often gets notes and beers from neighbors as thanks. With all the positive feedback, she plans to keep Starpups going as long as she can. “I had felt so isolated all year with COVID,” she explains, “and now I feel like I have an army of friends.”