I recently came across two sites that sparked my interest in how we play the lottery in North Carolina. These sites are ScracthOffOdds.com and LottoEdge.com. These resources provide daily insights on each state’s lottery odds and aid you in the best scratch-off games to play. Each site operates differently, with LottoEdge offering memberships as well as free accounts, but both collect data to help lottery goers make informed decisions.

I found this to be completely fascinating and worth sharing. When I took a shot at looking at the basic ranking of best chance and worst chance games from ScratchOffOdds, I found it to be vital knowledge in my next purchase of a North Carolina lottery ticket. If you have the time…definitely check it out before you buy.

One thing to remember, you should only be playing the lottery with your disposable income. This is still gambling and the odds are still low in a chance of winning.

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