On Saturday, hundreds of people named Josh from all around the country gathered in a Nebraska field. Why? To battle it out for the title of ‘Ultimate Josh’. Yes, it was the first annual ‘Battle Of The Joshes’. The event began as an internet meme started by 22-year-old college student Josh Swain, who sought out other Joshes on Facebook. A year ago, Josh Swain sent a group message to many, many people named Josh, asking them to battle it out on April 24, 2021. And people actually came!

The Joshes battled it out with a massive ‘Pool Noodle Battle Royale’ that was won by 4-year-old ‘Little Josh’ Vinson Jr., a second-generation Josh who was declared the winner and given a trophy and a Burger King crown. This whole thing just screams wholesomeness!

Most importantly, the Battle of the Joshes raised thousands of dollars for the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Foundation.

Honestly, this is one of the silliest, funniest, most wholesome things that has happened in a while and I spent nearly 20 minutes laughing about this last night. It makes my heart smile!

What do you do when you meet someone with the same first name?

Source: People.com

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