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Sometimes it’s like clockwork.  There will be consecutive weeks every couple of months where my cats decide to romp around before 5:00 AM.  They also seem to know when we have to be up earlier than normal because they’ll go to battle even earlier that morning.  I’m very familiar with that sound at night.  I’m also familiar with the sound they each make when they’re about to puke.  That will also wake you up from a dead sleep.  Another sound woke me up from a dead sleep recently and it scared the crap out of me.  And both cats were sleeping at the foot of the bed.

I woke up and looked around the bedroom and it was still pretty dark outside.  I looked at the foot of the bed and the cats were still sleeping so I immediately ruled them out.  I turned and looked at my wife and she was out.  She’s kind of a light sleeper so the fact that it didn’t wake her up made me feel crazy.  I did a lap around the bedroom and the downstairs.  Nothing was out of place and all of the doors were locked.  All I can think is that I was dreaming about something and some loud crash/thud/pop in my dream woke me up.  Once I realized there was no tangible evidence I took a shot of whiskey to calm my nerves and went back to bed, haha.  Well, I tried to.  Both cats moved to the warm spot in front of my pillow.  Jerks.