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Apple Starts iPhone 6 Sales In Germany

This is the time of year when a lot of people are doing their annual spring cleaning.  My wife and I do a little each weekend until around Memorial Day because we want to make sure we do a thorough job and it’s not worth the rush to get it all done in one weekend.  Also we have cats so every weekend, little fur tumble-weeds blow across our hardwood floors by the dozens.  And while we’re in spring cleaning mode, I’m in digital cleaning or cleanse mode.

Streaming Video Subscription

I was recently looking for a photo in my library a few weeks ago and came across and adorable picture of one of my cats when we were living in Knoxville, TN.  And then I kept scrolling back to before that picture was taken and was just coming across all kinds of random photos.  Other than the 2014 photos of my wife and some other family photos, the rest were crap.  I’m currently in the process of deleting photos that mean absolutely nothing.  I also went through all of my apps  and I’m still using most of them so we’re good there.  The streaming platforms are still at a minimum and there’s nothing pressing we feel we need to subscribe to.  There are many other things I’d encourage you to delete like all of your old text messages, phone calls and even browser history.  It’s great for your device and it feels AMAZING!  Side note, I can’t guarantee your sig other won’t ask why you deleted your browser history.  You can totally blame me though.