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LANUS, ARGENTINA - JUNE 18: Marcelo Varela walks on one of the treadmils covered with thermal insulation at New Stadium Gym on June 18, 2020 in Lanus, Argentina. Gustavo Varela owner of New Stadium gym will take two more weeks to adapt their premises and will present a protocol to local authorities requesting permission to reopen during government-ordered lockdown. Buenos Aires Province remains on alert against COVID-19 and most non-essential activities are restricted or not permitted. (Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images)

Last March when there was uncertainty of what a potential global pandemic could mean, I was running on a treadmill listening to DABABY with a sort of uneasy feeling about everything that was going on.  While I normally get into a zone when I run to clear my mind, I couldn’t shake this.  It was an obvious distraction that had me thinking about other distractions like the toilet paper and cleaning product shortage.  This day in early March of 2020 is when reality really set in.  Up until that day we were going to the gym four times a week right after work.  We always knew how busy it was going to be and knew familiar faces.  On this day, hardly anyone was there and we didn’t recognize a single person.  That was our last day at the gym for a year.

About two weeks ago my wife and I decided to renew our gym membership.  It was a dollar to renew and $10.00 a month after and we were ready enough to go back.  After all, most of the only lifting I had done for the last year was either a cup or bottle, and to add weight I put them in a koozie.  At least I was running to the fridge to grab said can or bottle.  Anyway, when we arrived at the gym last Saturday it was bizarre.  There were plexiglass dividers everywhere, machines were set up in a way that only allowed you to use every other machine, and when you were roaming the floor you had to wear a mask.  Once we checked in, we received our own bottle of disinfectant and away we went.  We only ran but it didn’t take any time at all to get back into programming our run on the treadmill, setting it for 30 minutes, and hoping just one leg cramped up.  For about the first five minutes I just kept looking around the gym remembering how I felt a year ago.  While this run was a little weird, I was able to zone out and sweat out everything from the last year.  It all smelled like tequila and taquitos.

I’m so happy to be back.