(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Don’t get me started on people who abuse animals. If I were a judge, I wouldn’t spend much time deliberating on their sentences. It would be swift and severe.

As for people who help abused animals, well, there’s probably a VIP section waiting for them when their time comes to go to Heaven. Some saintly people recently bestowed a beautiful gift upon a dog who had lost his front legs as a result of abuse.

Watch as Cola receives new prosthetic legs. He adjusts to them immediately and runs around the room in joy and gratitude. You don’t have to say there’s something in your eye. We feel it too.See the full story here.

After having his two front legs hacked off with a sword, Cola shows the world he can rock prosthetics!Please join the Emergency Response Team today so that other dogs like Cola can be given the lives they deserve. Click here -> https://ert.soidog.org/cola to join now.

Posted by Soi Dog Foundation on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Written By Phil Harris