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The weekends have been pretty pleasant lately.  When it’s nice my wife and I do the typical yard maintenance around the house.  Right now we’re in the middle of figuring out how we want our backyard garden to look.  She usually works on that while I cut the grass and kill the weeds.  This past weekend however, the yard needed a little extra TLC and we were finally able to start on a key landscaping project in the front yard.  Part of that task required me to trim a bush and WOW!  I can’t trim a bush at all.

I mean look at this thing!

Here’s a closer look…

I mean I took a CHUNK out of this bush.  Obviously it’ll grow back eventually and thankfully it doesn’t face the street.  The day this happened was the day I learned that I unevenly trim bushes or put holes in them, while my wife has a precise eye and trims them up pretty quick.  This is the first actual yard we’ve had since we’ve been together so we’re learning what each other’s yard maintenance skills are.  We’re definitely not afraid of trying new projects in the yard and no matter what progress we make or don’t make, there’s always a victory shot of tequila at the end.