Before the pandemic there was a seemingly endless number of shopping websites. Over the last year, we gained even more online retail options. But what if you want to return something? It would be nice to have sort of an “un-Amazon” that could help with returns just as efficiently. That’s where ReturnQueen comes in.

ReturnQueen is a contactless on-demand service that picks up, processes, and sends back all your shopping returns. It was created to help with the hassles or returning purchases, including printing labels, packaging items, waiting in line, driving to the post office, and handling receipts.

The app allows you to see all of your online purchases at a glance and choose which items you want to return. You can return as many items as you can fit into the large return bag, which is provided by ReturnQueen. Members pay a flat rate fee of $9.99 to use the service with a huge list of retailers.

ReturnQueen is currently operating in 2,806 zip codes across New York, New Jersey, and now Charlotte. The company plans to expand to Raleigh/Durham/Cary, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Austinand Dallaswithin the next 30 days. Their goal is to make the service available nationwide. You can learn more about it and download the app HERE.

Written by Phil Harris