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No more risking it while eating raw cookie dough! Although, there were several times when I was younger that I told myself that if I die from eating raw cookie dough, I’d be okay with that…and then proceeded to stuff my face. But now, no more worries!

Nestlé Toll House is finally giving the world a ready-to-eat cookie dough. Their Cookies & Cream Edible Cookie Dough is perfect for anyone who wants to bake cookies, but also enjoys the taste of raw batter-because you can do both with this!

Nestlé Toll House is also debuting a Funfetti Edible Cookie Dough! And everybody knows Funfetti is just better 🙂 Both flavors are coming out in June so get excited!

Do you eat raw cookie dough? Has it ever made you sick? Would you try this version from Nestlé Toll House?

Source: Delish.com

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