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There’s no doubt that everyone has their own definition of what makes someone beautiful, and now some men are sharing their thoughts on what they truly find most attractive about the opposite sex.

Australian dating coach Louanne Ward asked male followers in her Facebook group, “She Said He Said,” to explain what they find most attractive in a potential partner, and some of the responses were likely not what you expect.

Among the responses:

  • “You don’t need to doll yourself up or have money in my eyes. A lady just has to have a heart and a mind that care,” one man shared.
  • While another added he’d, “take brains and personality over looks any day,” and noted, “looks are a bonus in my book.”
  • “It works both ways for both sexes. People who are confident, know what they want, set about doing that, that’s what you want,” one person shared. “There are plenty of women and men who are average in looks but killers in the other areas that mean so much in a relationship. Those are the keepers.”
  • Another man noted he’s looking for a woman with a “good heart, a warm personality and a nice smile,” adding, “If she has those, beauty truly does shine from within.”
  • There were some that argued looks mattered, with one insisting, “I know we like to think it doesn’t but we want to have a partner that we’re attracted to, one who cares about there appearance.”

Last year, Louanne conducted a poll to find out what men really were looking for, and the results were interesting.

  • When it comes to personality, 21.3% consider honesty the most important quality, followed by:
    • Confidence (20%)
    • Playfulness (18%)
    • Kindness/Gratefulness (14%)
    • Loyalty (12.6%)
  • As for looks, most men put the most value in a woman’s eyes (41.6%), followed by:
    • Smile (29.6%)
    • Bum (12.2%)
    • Breasts (9.2%)
    • Legs (7.4%)

Source: The Mail