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As protecting yourself from a deadly virus and copious amounts of likes from your post-injections selfie wasn’t enough, there is also a growing list of freebies you can get with your COVID-19 vaccination. Here are some perks that may help ease your fear of needles long enough to get jabbed.

Beer. Budweiser is currently giving out a free beer to anyone who shows proof of vaccination. By uploading a picture of your vaccine sticker, band-aid, or vaccination site selfie, before May 16th you’ll be entered to win a $5 debit card towards a free beer wherever Budweiser is sold as well as another contest for 10,000 free beers. If you’re more into Sam Adams all you need to do is post a picture of your vaccination sticker with #ShotForSam and tag the company on Twitter or Instagram and they’ll send you $5 via CashApp to get yourself a beer. You will need to have a CashApp account and get your pic posted by May 15th.

Donut. Krispy Kreme is still giving away a free original glazed donut to anyone who gets vaccinated, but they’re a bit stricter with their tasty treats. Now you’ll need to roll up with your vaccination card to prove that you have either one or two injections completed.

Free Lamination. Staples and Office Depot know your vaccination card is a super important piece of paper so they’re offering to laminate it for you for free. However, since the experts say you shouldn’t do this just yet because of possible booster shots on the horizon, consider getting a lanyard or sticking it into a sealed plastic bag instead.

An Employee Bonus. Check to see if your company has an employee incentive for getting the vaccine because businesses like Aldi, Love’s, and Petco are offering anywhere from $75 to $500. There have been some legal red flags raised over this type of bonus so you better move quickly before they change their minds.