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The internet went crazy this month thanks to White Claw announcing a new product that would be hitting shelves in April called the White Claw Surge.

CLICK HERE to learn all about the White Claw Surge, but basically it is an 8% alcohol version of the very popular White Claw seltzers, which usually are only 5% alcohol.

My friends and I are huge fans of White Claw, so we knew we had to try them. They come in two flavors; Cranberry and Blood Orange.

We were able to find the blood orange flavor in a store in SC this weekend, so naturally we got them.

First off, let me say, they are sold individually, not in a case, which was a bit surprising to me. I figured like all the other white claw products, they would be in a case but nope, we had to look in the fridge section near the individual cans to find them.

Me, and three of my friends tried the blood orange, and after one sip, we all looked at each other and said…. “That’s horrible.”

The only way I can describe it is as having a very harsh taste. I know there is more alcohol in it, but I figured the blood orange flavoring would balance that out…. NOPE. Maybe the cranberry flavor would be better, but we couldn’t find that flavor to try.

My final opinion is that I would rather just drink two 5% regular white claws, then one of the White Claw Surge. The 5% are much more enjoyable and easy to drink.

white claw surge

Blood orange