True love shows no bounds. Marie Hill, 93, and Ron Hedley, 100 prove that love can be found regardless of age. Marie and Ron recently got married on the lawn of their aged care home. The couple met during a group exercise class at the home. Marie was impressed with Ron from the moment she met him. She recalls “He just seemed so nice, right from the time I met him. And I thought, ‘oh he’s a lovely fellow.'”

Both had been widowed in the past but have found love, happiness, and companionship with each other. For the ceremony, Marie wore a lovely blush-colored gown, matching gloves, and a white veil. The pair sat in wheelchairs and exchanged rings and vows in front of their families while Ed Sheeran played in the background.

Hopefully, Marie and Ron will have many more years to enjoy each other’s company. What is the most romantic love story you’ve ever heard?

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