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Food TikTok is at it again! And now with a trend to help you cook bacon perfectly and even every time; who doesn’t love that!

Comments say that this new ‘twist’ on cooking bacon is, “a perfect combination of crispy and chewy.” And even better, it also helps reduce the amount of oil splatter from the frying pan if you choose to cook it that way.

I absolutely love bacon, but I rarely cook it at home because it is just such a pain. This new method has me wanting to head to the grocery store and get some bacon today!


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To cook it, arranged the twists of bacon on a cooling rack on top of a foil-lined sheet pan, which allows heat to circulate and makes for easy cleanup, then pop it in a 350 to 375 F oven for 25 to 30 minutes, and you have crispy, chewy bacon!

Anyone else gonna try this this weekend?