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Most kids get taught sex ed in school, but some students aren’t getting all the facts. For years there have educators who’ve tried to scare teens away from sex by teaching abstinence-only, and some of the lessons they taught could be truly shocking.

Well, now some folks who sat through such classes are spilling the beans on the lies they were told when they were young. It all started when someone on Reddit asked, “People who had ‘abstinence only’ sex education, what was the most outrageous or untrue thing you were told?”

Among the lessons taught:

  • “My church-based sex ed claimed that foreplay involved things like reciting poetry to one another, or playing the violin together.”
  • “Girls only get one orgasm in their lifetime, so they need to save it for a special person.”
  • “Hugging a boy will get you pregnant.”
  • “If you touched your penis, it would shrivel up and die.”
  • “Boys get so horny that sometimes they can’t control themselves. So, girls, it’s up to you to remove the temptation for the boys.”
  • “All the lost souls in my semen, wasted in masturbation, would be at my trial in my next life.”
  • “If you have premarital sex, no one will ever want you.”
  • “We were told that only men have orgasms, not women.”
  • “This woman once compared a teenage girl who has had premarital sex to chewed-up bubble gum. She then switched the comparison to a pair of worn-out shoes.”
  • “They told us that the birth control pill didn’t work on teenagers.”