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If you’re still working from home then you’re not dealing with the co-workers that you never really cared for in person.  If you’re back in the office or know you will be soon, then you’re often pre-paring to come face to face with a co-worker or two that you just don’t understand or get along with.  That’s ok if you don’t.  We’re all different people.  Just because we know how to do the same kind of job or work well together in general doesn’t mean we have to like each other.  However, if there’s one particular person you work with that makes you cringe every day then there are ways to deal with it.  Unfortunately, you’ll have to make all of the moves.

According to Zippia, you should start with empathy.  Maybe you’re the problem.  Think about how your feelings started and maybe even talk it out with a non-biased friend or family member.  Your reasoning might lead to the stress we’ve all faced over the last year.  If you still feel that you aren’t the problem then it’s time to confront them directly.  Be prepared for any scenario when you choose to do this.  Some people react well to it and some people don’t.  Once you get a feel for their reaction, figure out how direct you want to be.  While you’re probably going to immediately be on the defense when you choose to talk to them, look for things that you may have in common or include them in something like drinks after work.  A lot of people are completely different when they’re out of the office.  If all of this fails at least you tried.  It’ll really lift a weight off of your shoulders when you’re in the office.

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