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Growing up I was always aware of my parents doing the basic life skills like budgeting, doing taxes, etc. .  Of course, just because I was aware of all of this doesn’t mean I was absorbing it and saving it for my mid 20s.  I remember learning how to count money, as well as add and subtract it in elementary school.  And while math trained my brain to think logically, money is the only thing I learned in my elementary school days that I still use today when I’m paying with cash or tipping.  It wasn’t until eighth grade that I was able to take a class that offered quite a lot of basic life skills as part of the curriculum.

The class was called Consumer Economics.  Other than gym, it was my favorite class!  We learned how to balance a checkbook, stuff and sew a pillow, sew a button on anything, and make a simple chili dish.  It was a fun distraction from academics and you got to use the creative side of your brain.  We even created and baked chocolate chip croissants as part of our exam.  I got an A+ and my Mom still has the recipe.  These skills should be taught a little more in school because they’re used for the rest of our lives.  I haven’t used trigonometry since I took the class.  Knowing how taxes work is a bit more important.