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People seem to say they hate surprise parties, but according to a new survey? Basically, everyone is into surprise sex. Psychologists say spontaneous sex “the gold standard in love-making” which is great… except we aren’t having enough of it. Made clear by the cast that 73% of this study said they wish they were having more of it.

What sets spontaneous sex above all the rest? Relationship expert Yvonne K. Fulbright explains that it has the power to “not only grab a lover’s interest but maintain it and it spikes a relationship’s lust factor, making lovemaking more exciting.” There’s also the benefit that spontaneous sex could pull your relationship out of a major slump. Like for example, one that may have started when a pandemic forced you two to become coworkers spending every single moment together.

But here’s the catch. While 73% of people say they want more spontaneity, most people don’t actually end up enjoying it to the fullest. The survey found that 60% of people say they’re too “in their head” to enjoy new things the first time they try them out. So before you throw a move on your boo tonight, make sure they’re in a good place first. If they aren’t, maybe try spontaneous meditation or wine first.

Source: Best Life Online