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When my wife and I moved in together seven years ago, her parents gifted us their old couch with a matching ottoman and chair.  The set was huge, but perfect for what we needed at the time.  Even the cats couldn’t destroy it because of the durable material.  About four years later when we were living in a small townhouse we decided to get something a little smaller that fit the living room a little better, and was also easier to move.  Luckily, my brother-in-law was getting rid of a smaller couch/huge loveseat.  My in-laws made the trip to deliver that couch to us and we were very satisfied at how it looked and fit into our awkwardly spaced living room.  20 minutes later, the cats started sinking their claws into the side of it and they didn’t stop for a full year.  Good thing this couch was free.

About a year later we decided to make our first big adult purchase.  We found a couch with a sectional and matching chair, which replaced the demolished leather couch.  We ended up moving it into the house we bought a year ago, but the cats are still in love with trying to destroy this one as well.  Our only solution to this point has been to keep their claws trimmed down, which we take of every three months.  About two months ago we bought a microfiber chair for the bedroom that they also like attempting to destroy.  Turns out, microfiber furniture is basically cat proof so joke’s on them…and our bank account when we have to buy ALL microfiber furniture.

Update:  We’re getting another cat.