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They say everything is better with bacon, and it seems IHOP is ready to prove that theory. The pancake chain just launched a new “Bacon Obsession” menu that not only includes lot of bacon-inspired items, but a whole new type of bacon.

IHOP says the new menu will feature bacon that is “five times thicker” than the bacon they normally serve. Folks can order it as a simple side to whatever they’re having, but they’ll also be able to enjoy a whole host of bacon-centric new menu items.

Those items include the Steakhouse Premium Bacon Burger, and a Maple Bacon Milkshake (yes milkshake), as well as Candied Bacon Pancakes, a Steakhouse BLT, a Bacon Lovers Combo, featuring two Candied Bacon Pancakes and slabs of the thick-cut bacon, and even an Oreo ‘N Bacon Waffle Sundae.

Bacon fans have a couple of months to sample the new “Bacon Obsession” menu. IHOP will be serving the options all day until June 13th.

Source: Fox News