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So your astrology and Gryffindor houses align well but you want something a bit more scientific to lean on to know whether you and your boo will go the distance. You’re in luck. Couples therapists have gotten together and shared exactly what the healthy couples they see have in common. Here are some signs you’re one of them.

  • You trust each other. Psychiatrist Samantha Saltz says “when people can trust their spouse in navigating these issues effectively, the relationship can move forward in a healthy way.” And to back that up, a recent study of married couples found partners who trust each other are more likely to feel satisfied in their relationship. So don’t downplay trust because it’s huge!
  • You Can Communicate Clearly. Relationship research shows that if you and your partner use constructive statements and clarify what one another is asking for, you’re well on your way to a happy life together. It’s been said many times but science always backs it up: communication is key!
  • You Feel Independent From Your Partner. This one might feel counterproductive but it’s true. According to Saltz, “it’s important that members of a relationship have their own identity independent of their partner.” This means having your own hobbies and friends is just as big to your long-term status as the time you spend snuggling your boo. It’s all about balance.

Some more super important must-have qualities for long-lasting love

  • you appreciate one another
  • both parties have their needs met
  • you have disagreements
  • you’re able to resolve conflicts
  • you spend some time apart
  • you have physical intimacy
  • you’re both committed

SOURCE: Insider