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Were your teenage years a crap show…and are your 20s not much better? The good news is the best is still yet to come. According to a new study, the happiest you’ll ever be in life is when you hit 36 years old.

That’s right! During the time you’re doing the most adulting, you’re also having the time of your life. At 36, you might be stressed out with buying a house, getting married or divorced, building your career, or raising kids, but the satisfaction you get from those tasks outweighs all the negative.

According to the researchers, 36 is essentially the age when people feel like they’ve hit their prime. The study referred to the ages of 30 to 45 as “established adulthood” where things are simply more settled. After spending their 20s working hard on our careers and relationships, our late 30s is when we can start seeing the fruits of our labors paying off. So stop dreading 40 and start looking forward to it y’all!

Source: The Ladders