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No one loves having them, but we all have nightmares from time to time. Whether it’s a reoccurring nightmare, or one that makes no sense at all, I’m always so curious what my nightmares mean. recently did a survey of about 2,000 people to figure out which nightmares were the most common, and this is what they found:

Most common nightmares:

  1. Falling

  2. Being Chased

  3. Death

  4. Feeling Lost

  5. Feeling Trapped

  6. Being Attacked

  7. Missing an event

  8. Waking Up Late

  9. Loved One Passing

  10. Sustaining an Injury


So now that we know what nightmares are the most common, why are we having those nightmares? Obviously, discovering the meaning of a nightmare is not an exact science, but there are plenty of  theories that might help explain why you’re having certain nightmares.

As for the most common nightmare, falling, one theory suggests that when your muscles relax as you enter sleep, your brain interprets it as an actual fall.

Stress is often thought of to be the biggest thing to cause nightmares, major life changes, such as a move, a new job, or a family member passing, are particularly stressful, as are traumatic incidents, such as an accident, attack, or injury.

Nightmares are sometimes inevitable but having a good nighttime routine can help you wind down and relax, and hopefully keep those nightmares away every once and awhile.