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When buyers walk into a bedroom, the first thing they spot is the bed. Although you may take your bed with you once you move out of your property, buyers were seen to feel or sit on the bed when observing the room during the experiment. This is probably to help visualise themselves sleeping in the room. Before a viewing, ensure your bed is well made. You might also want to consider purchasing new quilts and cushions to ensure they have a good warmth and weight ratio.

Back in the 60s and 70s, TV shows rarely showed a married couple sleeping in the same bed. Well, apparently there are a good deal of Americans who would totally be down with that today.

A recent YouGov survey finds:

66% of Americans say sharing a bed with their partner is their ideal sleeping arrangement. That means there are a third of people who would prefer some other arrangement, including:

  • Sleeping in different beds in the same room (7%)
  • Sleeping in different beds in different rooms (9%)

While some respondents said they didn’t know, or none of these would be ideal (9% each). When it comes to genders, 69% of men and 64% of women said sharing a bed with their partner is the ideal set up.

  • 7% of men and 6% of women would want different beds in the same room.
  • And 7% of men and 11% of women would want to sleep in different rooms.

And relationship status may also play a role in preferences, with married people more likely to want to share a bed with their partner. In fact, 82% of married men and 71% of married women prefer sharing a bed. 6% of married men and 7% of married women would like to be in the same room but in different beds. Although 14% of married women and 8% of married men would prefer to sleep in a separate room from their spouse.