Coronavirus Information Report

You guys know I’m terrified of needles, so I thought I’d share how I talked myself through getting the vaccine… and my botox.

Are you putting off your COVID vaccine because you avoid needles at all costs? Millions of adults have a fear of needles and they’re most likely dreading that shot, but like it or not, the best plan of action is just getting it over with. Needle phobia is nothing to be ashamed about and if you prepare yourself, these steps can help you get through that shot, maybe not painlessly, but a little more easily.

  • Plan for the worst-case scenario – Go ahead and assume a needle-related episode may happen and plan accordingly. That means bringing someone with you to your appointment, so they can get you home safely if you need help. Also, pack a snack you love and a can of your favorite full-sugar soda, which will help if you feel faint or need to settle your stomach.
  • Distract yourself – Research shows watching cartoons or playing video games makes it easier for kids to get through scary, painful medical procedures and it can work for adults, too. Zone out on some funny cat videos, watch makeup tutorials, ASMR, or anything else that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Communicate – If you’re bad with needles, let the vaccine tech know as soon as you sit down in the chair. Keep it short and simple, something like, “Hey, I’m really bad with needles, so I’m going to distract myself with puppies on Instagram. Please don’t tell me when it’s going in, just let me know when it’s over.” They don’t need to know the why, just what to expect and how to make it easier for you.
  • And finally … don’t look at the needle – Just pretend it doesn’t exist and turn your attention to your phone. Scroll mindlessly or find something to watch or play intently until it’s all over and you’re vaccinated.