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Photo by Pixabay

February of 2020 was an awesome month.  Ignoring the fact that impending doom was just a month away, I paid off my car.  It was weird too.  I had never paid off a car before.  Ever since High School I’ve had five cars and the longest I had stayed with one was three years.  In 2014 my wife and I moved to Knoxville, TN for a radio job.  That’s where I found the Jeep Liberty that I still drive.  I bought it with 35,000 miles on it and it has been as far South as Tampa three times, driven to the depths of Nashville numerous times for Holiday gatherings, and once to the middle of Alabama for a family reunion.  It has been through quite the journey and as I parked at work the other day it hit a new milestone.

120,000 miles!  I parked it on the nose too.  I rolled between those parking lines and as I was coming to a complete stop, all of those zeros popped up.  My wife makes fun of me because the few cars she’s had since high school she bought with over 150,000 miles.  She actually makes fun of me and still considers my car “a baby.”  The most exciting part however, is the amount of money we’ve been able to save because we’ve both been without car payments for over a year.  We’ve been able to use that saved money towards home projects like new windows and gutters, yard projects and so much more.  “Libby’s” still running strong so until it comes time to get a new car, I’ll just continuously obsess over the fact that each destination must end on an even number.