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Have you done your spring cleaning yet?  My wife and I started on Easter weekend.  I was watching a baseball game that Saturday afternoon and decided to turn off the ceiling fan because there was a cool draft in the room.  A couple of minutes later my wife walked into the room and screamed.  Our fan blades were disgusting!  There was so much dust on them that we thought we gained four new cats.  We made the decision at that moment to begin our spring cleaning and since I was the one that turned the ceiling fan off, I had to clean and dust it.  My allergies were AWESOME the next day.

When spring cleaning, the last thing I want to do is clean wrong.  I don’t like to clean anything twice.  I try to get in and get out as quick as I can while also making sure everything has been thoroughly cleaned.  Fox News recently reported a story from Readers Digest with a list of mistakes you can make while cleaning!  Make sure you check this list more than twice because who likes to clean the same thing multiple times?  Ew.

Five common cleaning mistakes:

  1. Dusting surfaces with a dry rag.  All this does is fling dust in the air while you’re dusting.  It’s better to use a damp rag.
  2. Not cleaning your pillows.  Apparently only washing the pillow cases aren’t enough.  The pillow itself actually collects a lot of bacteria and oils, and should be cleaned once a week.  The tags on your pillows will tell you how to clean them properly.
  3. Using a circular motion to clean stainless steal.  Most stainless steal cleaner will give proper instructions on how to clean, but incase you’re like me and think you already know, don’t clean your BRAND NEW stainless steal refrigerator using a circular motion.  Clean it with the grain of the stainless steal.  I still haven’t completely paid off my refrigerator.
  4. Clean your remotes and light switches.  We touch these the most without washing our hands and we touch them a lot.  It’s best to keep these clean just as often, if not more.
  5. Cleaning your windows on a sunny day.  The glass on the windows actually dries a lot faster on sunny days, causing the glass cleaner to leave behind a residue.  It’s best to actually clean your windows on a cloudy day or at night.

Avoid these five cleaning mistakes and you’ll wrap up your spring cleaning in no time!  Click here for more on this article.