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What's really important to get the job done - Things like makeup, pants, bras, showering, and combing your hair have all gone out of the window for work. And we aren't judging you for that because you are still getting the job done.

Online shopping is great for so many things, but certain items are easier to purchase in person where you can try them on, like jeans and makeup. But in the days of pandemic safety guidelines, trying on communal products in stores like Sephora isn’t allowed, so we’re back to buying online. But trying to see what a makeup color looks like on you just got easier thanks to a TikTok hack.

TikToker Amanda Luk figured out how to color match makeup virtually and her video explaining how to do it has gone viral with nearly 5-million views. She starts with taking multiple screenshots of various shades of foundation, then she uses Snapchat to add the screenshot onto a photo of her face and neck. Next, she uses Snapchat’s Color Dropper tool, which she hovers over the shade of foundation to change the Snapchat pen to that shade.

From there, Amanda colors the space between her neck and jawline to test foundation shades and find her best shade. She admits it “isn’t a perfect way to find your match,” but says it definitely helps. And if you don’t even know where to start or can’t get to a store to look at makeup in person, this hack could come in handy.


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