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Australian Bushfires - The Australian fires began in December of 2019 but continued into 2020. They led to 47 million acres being burned, several people dying, and over 500 million animals killed.

New York City officials say 21 people – including sixteen firefighters – are recovering following an eight-alarm blaze that began in Queens yesterday afternoon. At one point, approximately 400 firefighters battled the flames for six hours, with 350 crew members still on the scene.

Trouble began around one o’clock at the six-story building, located on 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights. It quickly ripped through the entire building, thanks to a door being left open when the occupant exited, and heavy smoke could be seen for miles.

FDNY officials say the building has 150 apartments and 240 residents, including about 90 families, who have been displaced due to the fire. No cause has been determined as yet – the investigation continues.

Source: ABC-7