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This is an interesting story to me because Dallas and I had a “kid-free” wedding.

Weddings can stir up family drama and one newlywed is sharing how it started with his relatives before he even said “I do.” In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section, the groom shares that he and his wife tied the knot two weeks ago and they didn’t want any kids there, so they planned a child-free wedding. His three sisters all have kids under 10, so they weren’t happy about it and neither was his mom, but he stood his ground, and after “a lot of arguing,” they agreed not to bring kids.

  • But on the wedding day, they seemed to forget that and showed up with their children. He went out to talk to them and it turned into fighting because he wouldn’t let them in.
  • Their mom got involved and everyone was yelling, so the groom got security involved to make his sisters leave. And this didn’t go over well at all.
  • After the wedding, he got “nasty texts” from his angry family, so they got together to talk about what happened.
  • And it actually got worse from there! The sisters revealed that their mom told them to bring their kids and said she’d “deal with” the groom later. He pointed out letting them in with kids would’ve been unfair to his in-laws and friends who also wanted to bring kids, but his family wasn’t listening

They actually blamed him for “ruining” his own wedding “by making a scene” and his mom said everyone will remember it as “a disaster.” Their idea for the fix? Have a second reception and invite everyone… “or else.”

He tells Reddit he doesn’t think he was in the wrong here and most users agree, reminding him his family broke the rules and didn’t respect the couple’s wishes. Some suggested having the second party and not inviting the mom or sisters…perhaps JUST their kids. As one Redditor replied, “Who needs a pity party when you can have a petty party?”