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As we told you, Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts to vaccinated Americans for the rest of the year, and if that wasn’t enough incentive to get you in the door, their latest doughnut creations just may do the trick.

The company just announced that from now until April 18th, they will be offering two new Oreo doughnuts, featuring the first-ever Oreo Cookie Glaze made with real Oreo Cookie pieces. There’s the Oreo Cookie Glazed Doughnut, a doughnut filled with Cookies and Kreme and topped with an icing drizzle and Oreo Cookie pieces. Then there’s the Oreo Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut, which is basically the first doughnut, topped with Cookies and Kreme filling, a drizzle of chocolate icing, and an oversized Oreo Cookie wafer on top of all of that.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, there will also be a new Oreo-inspired drink the Oreo Mocha Chiller, a frozen, espresso-based drink featuring Oreo chunks and topped with whipped cream and cookie crumbs.


Source: Yahoo