Coronavirus Information Report

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Are you getting your COVID-19 vaccine shot soon? I’m in the process of setting up an appointment to get mine! Experts say eating the right things before and after getting it can help reduce the side effects. A healthy diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and protein sources like fish, poultry, and eggs is recommended. On the other hand, they also recommend cutting down on red meat and dairy.

A high-fiber diet can help build the immune system, while a low glycemic index diet will help keep blood sugar levels steady. Ginger tea can help with stomach ailments, but doctors recommend against “anything drastic like juicing or detox” (HuffPost).

Finally, don’t be afraid of the side effects!  While some people experience symptoms like fever, nausea, or muscle pain, doctors say it’s a sign that the vaccine is working and your body is building immunity.

If you have already been fully or partially vaccinated, what kind of side effects did you experience?

If you’re still needing to sign up for one, find out where each vaccine can be found near you here.

For more information on what to eat and what to avoid, click here.

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