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Shemar Moore is best known for his role as Derek Morgan on CBS's "Criminal Minds."

We love watching really smart people in movies and on television but what about IRL? Have you ever wondered if intelligence makes you more popular and more liked? Wonder no more! A new study may have found the answer.

The researchers studied Polish high school students using a standard intelligence test and also asked them to indicate the classmates they liked the most in their class. The researchers found that being smarter not only influenced being liked, but liking others. Intelligent students were liked more by their peers but they also tended to like fewer people. Turns out smart folks tend to only like other people on their level.

And here’s the other catch. The intelligence boost people got in popularity got weaker over time. According to the researchers, eventually, the appeal wore off, and shared interests may have become a more important factor with who they liked. Sorry smart folks. Your big brain may get you more friends initially, but if you can’t connect on a different level, you’re not any better off than the rest of us.

Source: Psychology Today