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Have your kids figured out all the best hiding places for your annual Easter egg hunt? Then it may be time to step up your game. These are some creative Easter egg hunt ideas you’ll wish you thought of years ago.

  • For really little kids – Swap the little plastic eggs for balloons. They’re easier for toddlers and preschoolers to find and they’ll be able to play with them afterwards. You can even fill them with treats before blowing them up, but they’re still fun even if you don’t.
  • For competitive families – Everyone wants to be the winner, but you can up the ante by honoring the winner, loser and siblings in between with egg hunt trophies. You can DIY them to read “most eggs,” “fewest eggs,” “egg-celent” or anything you want.
  • To make eggs trickier to find – Paint eggs with plants or flowers so you can covertly hide them in houseplants or gardens. Not feeling so artistic? Grab a seed catalog or a magazine and Modge Podge pictures on the eggs. The hunt may be a little more challenging when the eggs aren’t shiny, plastic and super obvious.
  • To stop the fighting about one kid finding all the eggs – Decoupage photos of each child on a few eggs, so that kid is only looking for eggs with their face on them. Just print out the pictures on paper and use clear glue or Modge Podge to make them stick.
  • For the ultimate scavenger hunt – Kids love a good scavenger hunt, but one that involves smashing eggs on each other’s heads? Even better! Start by writing the numbers one through 12 on a dozen eggs, then hollow them out by poking holes in each end with a needle and blowing the egg white and yolk out. Then add a rolled-up paper clue to each, hinting where the next egg will be. Whoever finds the egg gets to smash it on the head of another kid in order to get the clue out. The last clue leads them to their Easter basket or a sweet treat.