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Maney gave me a hard time about my “cold shoulder ” sweater a few weeks ago, but it looks like I started a Covid fashion trend!

While many people are focused on trying to secure a vaccination appointment, one fashion retailer wants to turn our attention to what to wear when we get the shot. Revolve now has a “vaccine-ready” section on its website, full of tops with exposed shoulders, and they’re getting mocked for it on social media.

People are calling out Revolve for the category, which includes shoulder-baring blouses that sell from $38 to $300. The tops range from bralettes to sleeveless turtlenecks to tube tops, all to make sure your upper arm is easily accessible without having to roll up your sleeve.

Some social media users have shared praise for the section, but plenty of critics express their disapproval for the brand trying to capitalize on vaccine-readiness, like one Instagram user who writes, “This is actually the most moronic thing I’ve ever seen @Revolve.” Others tease the marketing move with comments like “VAX GIRL SUMMER” and “Shot Girl Summer.” But Revolve might be onto something since Dolly Partonwore a cut-out shoulder top to get her vaccine and Amy Schumer got hers while wearing a sequin party dress with a hole in the upper arm.