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We have heard a lot of outrageous Mother-in-Law from Hell stories, but this one just may take the cake. A woman shared on Reddit that when she and her S.O. decided to get married her MIL went from being the “sweetest” woman to the “spawn of Satan.”

The OP says that she and her now-husband got married a few years ago at the beach, which was about three hours from where they lived. They rented a three-story house for the wedding party and told the MIL she could pick any room she wanted, but the MIL didn’t get back to her. The OP insists they gave her “three invitations, countless reminders and visits for eight months leading up to the week we left.”

Then things got even stranger. The OP’s husband and father, the MIL’s ex-husband, were heading to the beach a few days early for the groom’s bachelor party, and the MIL knew that and got upset. She said she wouldn’t be attending the wedding because she wasn’t invited as well, which the OP called “insane.”

“I begged her to just ride down with me and so many people offered to drive her down for just the day but instead she stayed home and pouted,” the OP wrote. “She now tells everyone she knows (including my stepkids) that I refused to invite her to my wedding.”

The OP notes that since the wedding her husband “doesn’t return her calls and refuses to see her,” and folks on Reddit don’t really blame either of them for being upset.

    • “I hope you burst out laughing whenever you hear it and say/yell out, ‘No YOU refused to come because your son wouldn’t invite his mummy to his ALL MEN BACHELOR PARTY’ HAHAHA,” one person shared.
    • Another added, “Your MIL wants to be the victim. That’s her agenda. Don’t worry, many MIL’s are like that and the entire family usually knows.”
    • Finally, another commented, “What mother would expect to be invited to her son’s bachelor party? Your MIL is delusional.”

SOURCE: Cafe Mom