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Shoutout to pizza for getting us through the last year. Everyone has their favorite joint, and favorite toppings, but it appears there’s been a little shakeup in America’s favorite dough-style. Detroit-style pizza is having a serious moment right now.

For those out of the loop, this kind of pie is essentially an offshoot of a Sicilian-style pizza. It features a thick crust, a rectangular shape that’s crispier than its pizza brethren, and there’s usually a golden coating of burnt cheese on the crust that makes the corner pieces worth fighting over. Or buying more than one pizza.

According to the pizza purchasing platform Slice, Detroit-style pizza had a 65% increase in orders last year compared to 2019. Meanwhile, food consulting firm Technomic says menu mentions of “Detroit” in the pizza category are up 63% in the past five years.

And as further proof that the thicc pizza is trending, Pizza Hut has even jumped on board and recently unveiled its own Detroit pie.