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I think the pandemic is driving all these really cool companies to make up some really fun jobs! Here’s the latest one: this company called Fistful of Bourbon is trying to find the perfect person to become their hand model, or what they call a “SpokesFist”. This person – or should I say, this person’s fist – will be featured in their social media, video, and print ad campaigns. And they’ll pay you $100,000!!

The requirements include that you must:

  • Be 25 years old or older
  • Be authorized to work in the United States
  • Apply by April 13, 2021

And here is what they say will qualify you: “One helluva fist, ability to clench on cue, a¬†steady hand, creative and outgoing”.

The application asks for basic information, a 300-word max answer of why you should be selected, and several photos of your fist from the back, front, and sides. They basically want you to do a fist photoshoot! And it seems that the more creative you can get with it, the more you’ll stand out. So get that lighting gear out, make your nails look AMAZING, and show off your fist! The company also explains that you ~may~ get some bonus points for including their bourbon in your photos. So maybe hit the liquor store too…Remember, the application¬†closes on April 13th.

If all of this (including the $100,000) appeals to you, then APPLY HERE!

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