His cheeks look so chubby

This gallery is dedicated to all the little boys and girls who unfortunately won’t be able to visit the Easter Bunny this year. (again) Last year I made this gallery (see here) with the hopes of spreading the love and joy of Spring and Easter despite the pandemic. Well, sadly not much has really changed in a year so I decided let’s make it round-two of Theodore’s gallery.

Some people know this some people don’t, but I own a bunny. He is a Lionhead rabbit, he is currently six years old, he is weird, a diva, and his name is Theodore. I adopted Theo when he was just a few weeks old in Lancaster, South Carolina, and trained him to be a free roam house rabbit. Basically, Theo knows to potty in his cage (though we do have accidents) and roams around my home pretty much like a cat.

And over the years, since Theo is pretty much my best friend and furry child, I have taken A LOT of photos and videos of him. He is very spoiled and a bit of a bunny model. So, since Easter will not be the same this year, I figured why not share some adorable photos of my rather strange but precious creature. I hope you enjoy and have a “Hoppy” Easter weekend stay safe out there!

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