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Wish your teen still got excited about Easter like they did when they were younger? Some parents miss hearing their kids’ little feet come into their room before the sun comes up, eager to go see what the Easter Bunny left for them. But by the time kids reach their teen years, Easter may have lost a little of its magic, so if you want to get them excited about the holiday this year, try these ideas from a mom who’s been there, done that.

  • Hide money in Easter eggs – But here’s the catch: Don’t tell them there’s money in the eggs. Teens may not be rushing to collect eggs you’ve hidden around, but as soon as they realize there’s money inside, they’ll be fighting each other to pick them up. And don’t put cash in every one, fill some with candy to make it more interesting.
  • Get takeout – Save yourself time in the kitchen by not making the ham dinner and order something your teens love, whether it’s pizza or Chinese food. Set a pretty table if it makes you happy and enjoy a meal everyone likes while you soak in some quality time with your kids.
  • Keep doing the Easter baskets – They may act like they don’t care about it anymore, but deep down they probably do. So make baskets with their favorite candy and a few other things they’ll appreciate, whether it’s bath bombs, gift cards or small toys.
  • Do some of the things you used to do when they were little – Keep some of their childhood traditions going because even if they don’t admit it, they’ll appreciate it. They may not be into dying Easter eggs anymore, but they may surprise you. Even as teens, they may get excited about finding an egg or getting a stuffed animal just like they did when they were little.