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AURORA, CO - MAY 03: A worker moves packed boxes at the Amazon fullfillment center May 3, 2018 in Aurora, Colorado. The million square foot facility, employing 1,000 fulltime employees, has over 2 million products ready to ship to customers globally. (Photo by Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images)

In a story that sounds like something straight out of a movie, a woman in the U.K. claims an Amazon delivery driver trapped her inside her home after leaving a package at her front door. Rachael Sanders says she was forced to climb out of her window because the driver wedged the tall box under the door handle and it wouldn’t budge.

“Cheers Amazon delivery guy … you absolute tool,” she writes in a Facebook post, where she posted a photo showing the delivery fail. “Having to climb out of the front window only to find you had barricaded me in my own house with my own parcel … good one.”

Sanders says she spent 10 minutes thinking her door handle was broken before she got outside and realized why it wasn’t moving. Her Facebook post left thousands amused, with lots of users leaving comments like, “What an absolute moron!” But some people pointed out the placement of the package could have been dangerous if there was a fire and one writes, “This isn’t a safety hazard at all.” An Amazon spokesperson says they are “investigating the incident.”