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If you haven’t been counting calories or sticking to KETO in lockdown, the good and bad news is you’re not alone. A new study has found the average American adult has gained about half a pound for every 10 days they spent in quarantine during the past year. Meaning that anytime someone had to stay home from work for the CDC recommended two weeks when they felt symptoms or came in close contact, they came back to the office carrying an extra pound of weight.

The researchers found the biggest culprits for us packing on the pounds were lack of activity and an increase in snacking. People also noted that they were overeating more than usual in the past year. And to be fair, you have to do something while you’re watching Netflix.

Interestingly, the researchers found this effect was “irrespective of geographic location.” So even in warm states where people could workout outside, they weren’t. Turns out working from home doesn’t mean working out at home.