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Want to give your sweat sesh a pick-me-up? Caffeine could be the boost you’re looking for. Not only will a cup of coffee get you going in the morning and snap you out of a mid-afternoon slump, new research finds drinking it before working out can help your body burn extra fat.

new study from the University of Granada in Spain wanted to find out the effects of caffeine on “fat oxidation,” which is the rate your body burns fat. Participants were asked to do an exercise test four times at seven-day intervals and were given the caffeine equivalent of a strong cup of coffee or a placebo. And the results show the group that got the caffeine burned fat at a faster rate during their workout than the group who didn’t.

Plus, it turns out the caffeine has even more of an effect on fat burning during the afternoon. Study authors explain that taking caffeine 30 minutes before exercising increases fat burning regardless of the time of day, but it’s particularly potent when done before an afternoon workout. While the study was small – only involving 15 participants – the findings may contradict the idea that starting the day with an early workout will lead to the best results.

Source: Best Life