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Wow! I was way out ahead of this one. I did a whole Mommyhood2Menopause podcast on Revenge Travel a few weeks ago. (You can head it here!) 

Experts are predicting a huge boost in the ‘making up for lost time’section of the economy. More specifically, for the next few years, there is expected to be a huge rise in “revenge travel.” As the vaccine rollout increases and restrictions ease up, folks like Eric Jones from The Vacationer say we’ll see people take “retribution against COVID-19” and vacation like we’ve never vacationed before.

If you want to join the revenge movement, you better start planning a trip soon. According to Alan Fyall, the interim chair for the tourism department at the University of Central Florida, there’s already been a surge in bookings thanks to folks looking to spend the miles, points and vouchers that have been sitting unused in their accounts over the past year.

Fyall says the top destinations are still state and national parks in driving distance but also expects “the desire to visit friends and relatives” to start factoring in more and more into travel plans.

But even though revenge travel sounds extreme, they’re still being cautious. Konrad Waliszewski, the CEO of the travel app Tripscout says “people want to go as far away as they can get without actually leaving the country.” So expect to see a lot of pics from destinations like Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands popping up in your Instagram feeds.