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If you feel like liquor prices are already high in NC, I’ve got some bad news for you… prices are about to go up.

The N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission voted unanimously last week on a new 10-year contract with LB&B Associates. According to The Robesonian, “To fund the new contract, bailment — which pays for warehouse operations — will increase Aug. 1 to $2.75 per case of liquor, from $1.50 per case.”

So what does that mean for us, as consumers? Well, you can expect the average price of your liquor to go up by about 20 cents. 

Sales of alcohol at state run ABC Stores soared this past year during the coronavirus pandemic with percentages up around 12% for the state.

It looks like the contract, if passed through, will become official in July of this year, and prices will automatically start going up in ABC Stores.

After living in Missouri for almost 3 years, and enjoying their more lax liquor laws, one of the only things I wasn’t looking forward to when moving back home to North Carolina, was how strict our liquor laws are here. And now the price is going up too.