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A new collaboration between Adidas and designer Stella McCartney shows how women can look stylish even if they don’t shave their body hair. The sportswear brand shared photos on Instagram of its SS21 line featuring professional pole dancer Leila Davis with her armpit hair on full display. She models leggings and sports bras that show off her body hair and while many comments are supportive, haters are gonna hate, and there are plenty of critics, too.

“Yes to everything, the model, the outfit, the message,” someone posts on the pics, while another fan writes, “Thank you Adidas for supporting women in having the choice to do with their bodies as they please.” As for those who aren’t on board with normalizing body hair, they chime in with comments including, “So cute, not sure about the hairy pits tho,” and “OK but really … why the hairy armpits” and vomit emojis.

But Davis is happy to be part of the ads in her “natural state.” She says she doesn’t shave unless she feels like it and that it’s not really something she thinks about much. “Allowing your natural body to exist is so normal,” she explains, adding that people are empowered by the ad, except for a few trolls who sent her DMs. She shares that her parents also love the photos and says, “I’m beyond proud.”

Source: Yahoo